Thanks to Voters! A Letter from Dave.

Citizens of the 81st, thank you for voting in the primary election on Aug. 12. More than 6,000 citizens in the 81st District cast votes in the primary election. I was excited to see so many of you exercise your right to vote and I hope even more of you will vote in the general election on Nov. 4. I am honored to be chosen by the Democratic voters in the district to represent our party in the November election. Thank you.

I also wish to thank Margo Miller, Peter Vedro, Ashton Kirsch, Greg Petrulis and David Moore for running for office. I know the courage it takes to put your name out there. I am proud of the number of candidates who chose to be involved in our democratic process. I have enjoyed the opportunity to discuss real issues and identify solutions and I look forward to many more of these productive conversations.

During the primary, I had the opportunity to knock on over 5,000 doors to introduce myself to voters in the district. I continue to be awed at the depth of thought shown by so many of the people with whom I have spoken. Whether we agreed or disagreed, you have been courteous and respectful as I have visited around the district.

I look forward to meeting many more of you as I continue to visit your neighborhoods and host listening sessions in your communities. I want to listen to your concerns about how our government is working and hear your ideas for how to improve it. I am excited about earning more of your trust and confidence. I believe government should be responsive to the needs of local citizens and I want to learn with and from you. Together we will make the 81st District and Wisconsin an even better place to live, work and enjoy our families and communities.

Dave Considine, Baraboo

Published in the August 19th, Portage Daily Register

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