“Considine is right for District 81” A letter to the editor from Peter Ostlind

“As I’ve come to know Dave Considine over the past several years it’s become clear that he is a hard-working, intelligent person who cares deeply about people and his community. For years he has worked with people from around the community as a leader in finding common ground.

Now as I see that he has received the endorsements of both traditionally conservative and liberal residents of the district, it’s clear that he is the right person to represent us in the State Assembly.”

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Check out my interview with Wisconsin Eye

Thanks to Wisconsin Eye for inviting me by for an interview. I enjoyed the chance to talk about important issues facing our district including minimum wage rates, collective bargaining laws, environmental protection policies, transportation funding and public education. Please check out the interview to learn more about why I am running for Assembly.

Thanks to Voters! A Letter from Dave.

Citizens of the 81st, thank you for voting in the primary election on Aug. 12. More than 6,000 citizens in the 81st District cast votes in the primary election. I was excited to see so many of you exercise your right to vote and I hope even more of you will vote in the general election on Nov. 4. I am honored to be chosen by the Democratic voters in the district to represent our party in the November election. Thank you.

I also wish to thank Margo Miller, Peter Vedro, Ashton Kirsch, Greg Petrulis and David Moore for running for office. I know the courage it takes to put your name out there. I am proud of the number of candidates who chose to be involved in our democratic process. I have enjoyed the opportunity to discuss real issues and identify solutions and I look forward to many more of these productive conversations.

During the primary, I had the opportunity to knock on over 5,000 doors to introduce myself to voters in the district. I continue to be awed at the depth of thought shown by so many of the people with whom I have spoken. Whether we agreed or disagreed, you have been courteous and respectful as I have visited around the district.

I look forward to meeting many more of you as I continue to visit your neighborhoods and host listening sessions in your communities. I want to listen to your concerns about how our government is working and hear your ideas for how to improve it. I am excited about earning more of your trust and confidence. I believe government should be responsive to the needs of local citizens and I want to learn with and from you. Together we will make the 81st District and Wisconsin an even better place to live, work and enjoy our families and communities.

Dave Considine, Baraboo

Published in the August 19th, Portage Daily Register

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Considine Wins!

From the August 13th, Portage Daily Register:

Dave Considine of Baraboo won Tuesday’s Democratic primary for the state’s 81st Assembly District and will face Republican Ashton Kirsch of Baraboo in the fall election to replace outgoing state Rep. Fred Clark.

Considine received 53 percent of the vote in Tuesday’s election, according to the Associated Press. Fellow Democratic candidates Margo Miller, a Portage small-business owner, and Peter Vedro, a nonprofit CEO from Baraboo, received 35 percent and 12 percent, respectively. A total of 3,962 people voted in the Democratic primary.

As votes were tallied and Considine emerged as the winner, Miller issued a statement thanking her supporters and encouraging area voters to support him. 

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Considine Leads in Assembly Race

From the August 12th, Baraboo News Republic,

“Considine retired early from the Baraboo School District to enter the race and said he agreed to run out of a passion for service. “I think I’ve kept the race really positive and just talked about my strengths and I’m really happy with it,” he said Tuesday night.

Considine said one thing he learned while campaigning in the district was “how much I have to learn.” At first, the realization was humbling, Considine said. But then, he said he realized a willingness to listen and learn is more important than knowing it all.

“I think the answers are in the wisdom of the people of this district, and I want to listen to them,” he said…

Considine said he believes solutions to state issues will come through working together.

“I think we need to start working together,” he said. “My big deal is we have to quit vilifying and making our opposition the enemy and start working together and realize that in working together we will come up with the best solutions for our state.”

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“Fiscal Responsibility and Collaboration” A Letter to the Editor from Dave Murphy

“As a former business leader, I recognize the importance of being fiscally responsible while at the same time enacting policies that will benefit the local community. Often times, in order to balance the needs of a business with the needs of employees, customers, and the surrounding community, we need to collaborate and work together. The only way to get lasting results is to build strong relationships between different constituents and discuss our shared interests. Considine says that he will work for employers, employees, and entrepreneurs and I believe Dave has the best approach to economic development for the district. He will be fiscally responsible, will work to rebuild our infrastructure, will work to create partnerships that educate and empower entrepreneurs whose businesses will bring new jobs and opportunities to our community, will work to bring the communities of the 81st District together to improve the collective economy of the district. How will he do it?

I have known him for 15 years and have been continually impressed by the way he interacts with people. He is always asking questions to find out others’ opinions. His honesty and sincerity encourage others to share their insights and ideas. He gathers information and knowledge and considers all perspectives. His commitment to inquiry keeps him informed on issues that are critical. Yet, he remains an independent thinker who will stay strong and true to his beliefs and the needs of the district…” 

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“A businessman and an educator” Letter to the Editor from Karl Kindschi

I am urging voters to vote for Dave Considine in the Aug. 12 Democratic primary. He has consistently shown his strong work ethic by his experience in agri-business and 29 years as an educator.

He is a family man, a great leader and is respected in the community. He has shown discipline, drive and determination throughout his career and in his campaign for Assembly.

Considine has a dedicated interest and commitment in representing all the constituents of the 81st Assembly District. He would consider his election to the Assembly as a full-time responsibility.

He will serve us all well as our next Assembly Representative.

Vote for Considine on Aug. 12.

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“Considine brings common sense”…A letter to the Editor from Tom Drury.

I am writing to support the candidacy of Dave Considine for the 81st Assembly.

I have known him for many years and am convinced he is well-suited to represent the members of our district. He will bring a common-sense approach to getting things done in the state Legislature. He is committed to supporting educational excellence for our children, job growth and economic development in our communities, and protecting our natural resources.

His broad-based experiences, including his career as a teacher and farmer, coupled with his strong principles, will make him a well-qualified leader in state government.

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Rep. Fred Clark Endorses Dave Considine for State Assembly

Rep. Fred Clark released the following statement August 3rd regarding the upcoming primary election in the 81st AD:

“Voters in the 81st Assembly District have three committed Democratic candidates to choose from in the August 12th primary election. I respect all three candidates however I believe David Considine is clearly the best choice to represent this mostly rural district. Dave has lived and worked in the 81st for 40 years as a farmer, educator, and committed family man. He has an unusual ability to work constructively with people with opposing views without sacrificing his strong core principles. These strengths have earned Dave support from strong Democrats, independents, and conservatives, all of whose support will be critical for a Democratic win in November. With his skills, attitude, and work ethic David Considine will be an excellent Representative for the 81st Assembly District. I urge voters to support him in the primary election.”


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“Support Dave Considine” Letter to the Editor from Debbie Berger

“Dave Considine is articulate and able to clearly explain and advocate for his ideas. Furthermore, Dave is committed to listening respectfully to the viewpoints of others. He is not troubled by being asked to explain what distinguishes him from other candidates or to respond to individuals who may disagree with his positions. Dave welcomes the opportunity to talk calmly about the problems we face, discuss possible solutions and listen carefully to the input of others.

I encourage people to join me in supporting Dave Considine in the Aug. 12 primary. Dave is energetically working to meet and talk with as many citizens as he possibly can. Let’s give him the opportunity to put his time, talents and integrity to work for us in Madison.”

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