“A Needed Concensus Seeker” Letter to the Editor from Bob Johnson

“I’m voting for Dave Considine. I did not know him until I met him earlier this year. But every time I talk to him, I’m more convinced that he is the right man for the job. He used to be a teacher in Baraboo and lives on a farm in the Baraboo Hills. Considine is a consensus seeker and results oriented. He is committed to taking a collaborative and common-sense approach to governing.”

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“Considine a Common Sense Leader” Letter to the Editor from Dave Cole

“As an independent voter, I have regarded the state Legislature as dysfunctional, not merely in the last few years of Republican dominance but even earlier, when Democrats were in control. The two parties vilify one another and do all they can to frustrate one another. Somewhere in this storm of partisanship, the public interest gets lost.

To address this problem, I recommend David Considine to the voters as a candidate for the 81st Assembly District seat. I have known him for several years. He is a warm, approachable, highly intelligent, very creative and thoroughly decent person.”

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A healthy dose of common sense…a letter to the editor from Kate O’Hara

“I feel strongly that we are badly in need of a fresh look at governance in Wisconsin and strong, honest leaders, no matter where they come from. Dave is honest, hardworking, and in possession of a healthy dose of common sense. He recently retired after many years of teaching in the Baraboo Schools. He and his family have farmed and run a small business for 39 years…I believe Dave Considine will work hard and help bring common sense back to state government. We need elected representatives who will work for all of Wisconsin’s citizens. Dave has the ability and drive we need in an elected official. Please support Dave Considine in the Aug. 12 primary.”


It’s Official!

On March 26th Dave Considine officially announced his campaign in the Baraboo News Republic.

“State government has taken control from communities,” Considine said Tuesday, referring to state imposed revenue caps on local school districts. “That’s why we have to do these referendums. They’re big dollar figures that I think communities would support on a yearly basis if allowed to. But they can’t because of state law.

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