Nomination Papers

I am running for the 81st Assembly seat, and I need your help. Every candidate must circulate nomination papers and collect at least 200 signatures from voters in the 81st district.

I usually collect signatures for nomination papers through group gatherings and by knocking on your doors. Unfortunately, many things have changed due to COVID-19, and public health officials are recommending to alter this practice.

What does this mean? I need your help!

If you are an eligible voter and live in the 81st Assembly District, please download and print this form: Dave Considine Nomination Papers.
Not sure if you live in the 81st? You can check at

You can fill out your name as both the elector and the circulator, and then mail it back to me. We only have until the end of May to collect all of the signatures, so mail it back so it will arrive by May 29th!

Volunteers are also needed to help us reach out to voters in the 81st District. Volunteers can help out in a variety of ways from making phone calls to stuffing envelopes – we need your help. Please fill out the form below and let us know you would like to help.